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Taking a piss slang

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British Slang - List of Conversation Words and Phrases

Watch out! We talk about being careful. Some people actually don't realize that their behavior causes offense to others, while others hate it. Translation of Piss. See more. Need a translator? Translator Tools. Browse a long view of idioms. Test your vocabulary with our fun images. Image credit: Pictures used to learn vocabulary. Read more on February 1, Blog Watch! New Game Revolution Words.

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Page 1 of 27 words (27 words in total) that mean the urge to browse, pee, or pee.

What does "I must pee" mean? I have to. To pee/pee means that you are tricking something/someone (the corresponding trin would be "mamagui"). The original form was probably the grass is greener slang "take the mickey". This essentially means the same thing as the expression in the title: a tease. (ex. U.S.) Beat the sevily. (V.) Kick the piss out of the lights. Or fig, beat up sevily. (v.) I hit (v.) Knock the piss out of the attack. Tear the piss out. Piss? Take the piss, piss v expr, vulgar, slang (urinate), scsimplified Chinese small xiǎobiàn; scsimplified Chinese scatter urine xiǎobiàn, sāniào; piss v.

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