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: the state of prostitutes circulating on the streets: a study conducted in the city of Sylhet, Bangladesh: Alam, Maryland. Fakhrul, Islam. Sylhet Resistant House. Bangladesh's fabulous babes: Bangladeshi prostitutes, Mymensingh sex girls, Narayanganj escorts. Sylhet Model. Almost all residential hotels in Sylhet are said by locals to operate illegal prostitution circuits with the assistance of police officers. Living in Nilfa 29 Sylhet, various slums, railroad platforms, to various prostitutes, her prostitutes experience. Sexual activity and sexual behavior are usually limited to the Bangladeshi marriage system. Despite social and legal restrictions. It is not that easy. Whether you work in the red light field or as an online associate. life is not easy. For example, in Dhaka, there is an area called "Dhaka Red. SI of Sylhet" area in

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