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Note: It turns out that Le Corbusier did not design this living room in the end. He was so well known that he hired an apprentice designer and assigned him to create objects he considered secondary, but put his studio name on the final result. All the websites we checked gave Corbusier credit, but the flagship furniture is actually the work of Charlotte Perriand, who many years later is also considered a great teacher of contemporary design. femmes fatales June 1, I suspect that Le Corbusier would have wanted a model that would enhance his furniture rather than completely overshadow it. Coming from a high quality auction site, this image by Pam Grier is an 8x center cover of a Players Magazine issue originally posted on the Le Corbusier Lounge. Were you interested at all? We feel you were not interested. Le Corbusier is dead, and if he had not died, it certainly would have stopped him. It is one of Greer's most provocative shots and we cannot help but site it. It is the kind of urgent need we have discussed in the past. We have done something special with it just for you. Visually it is only a pixel wide, but a digital file is more than 10 times the size.

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Add to favorites. Read more from daekazu Watch. Cartoons and Movies. Gems and holograms.AlanGutierrezArt watch. artML30 watch. Recommended for groups See all Rainbow Brite published: 13 images from! Ladies and gentlemen! Rainbow Brite! Rainbow Brite's beautiful characters are inspired by the great cartoons of the 80s. Image Description: Image by Bridget Brightway. Comment

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