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A spirit detective who has taken on the task of protecting the human world from various supernatural threats throughout the series, his close friends and their large allies include Kwabara, kurama, hiei, keiko, genus, kenma, and button. He is also the de facto leader of the ulamessi team and the general person you need to look for when things get tough. During the series, he begins to become a better man and although an unconventional defender of the human world, he continues to be a strong war artist.Yusuke has black hair with a dark greenish glow and is usually caught with gel and brown eyes. His skin has a black to peach color and his body is impossible but impossible and muscular. He wears a green form with gold buttons and black shoes as an alternative to the blue school costume he should wear. During the dark tournament saga, she wears a red bronze jacket with cuffs and black collar over a white shirt, light blue jeans and white sneakers. When it is time to really fight, it turns into a yellow sleeveless shirt and blue pants, with black shoes, a black karate belt, and green bracelets. At the beginning of the Black Saga chapter, he wears an appearance with a red jacket, but soon replaces it with a blue-green jacket and a white jersey. in his fight with Sensui, we see him without the green jacket because the white jersey he is wearing is relaxed. three kings saga begins At times, Yusuke returns to his full look with the red bronze jacket; Yusuke then wears the same uniform as in the Dark Martial Arts competition during the year he trained with Hokushin and Raizen's followers.


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