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Urban Thesaurus finds slang words associated with your search query. Click on a word for its definition. As you probably noticed, slang synonyms for the word "term" are listed above. Note that due to the nature of the algorithm, some results returned from the query may possibly only be concepts, ideas, or words related to "term". This is simply due to the way the search algorithm works. The Urban Thesaurus scans the dildo web for different words. It collects millions of different slang terms. Many of them come from UD and have proven to be truly terribly unintentional. Hopefully the "term" words and synonyms will be a little longer than average.Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms defined on sites such as Urban Dictionary. These indexes are used to find usage correlations between slang terms. Note that this treasure is never connected to an Urban Dictionary. Due to the way the algorithm works, the treasure is primarily given another word in the slang word dildo, not an exact synonym. The higher another word in the dildo on the list, the more likely it is to be associated with the searched word or phrase. The search algorithm handles words and words very well, so for example, if you want a word associated with rofl, you can type lol rofl and it will give you a bunch of related slang terms. Or you can try boyfriend or girlfriend and get a word that means one of the two e.

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e. About Wikipedia Wiktionary Store. Vibrators or vibrators, a rare alternative term for vibrators, are adult toys, often phallic in appearance, intended for physical interaction during masturbation or intercourse. Vibrators may have existed in society throughout history in some form. Upper Paleolithic objects previously described as batons were probably used for sexual purposes Marshak? Vasey However, some archaeologists seem reluctant to classify these objects as adult toys. One archaeologist stated It seems dishonest to avoid the most obvious and simple interpretation. . but this was avoided. Taylor Historical and ethnographic literature is replete with references to vibrators. For example, Harborland shows single-ended and double-ended wooden vibrators of the 19th century. Another name for the Zanzibar vibrator. The world's oldest known vibrator is a 30-centimeter Upper Paleolithic phallus found in the Hohle Fels cave near Ulm, Germany.

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Vibrators are sexual games, often phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activities during masturbation or erotic partners. Vibrators can be made in a variety of materials and shapes to resemble an upright human penis. Typically, the average length of a stylized penis, 4 to 6 inches is 10 to 15 cm, but some may be longer. The circumference of the vibrator is usually 4-5 inches 10-13 cm. A vibrator is an object designed for sexual penetration into the vagina, mouth, or anus, usually solid and phallic. Penile prosthetic aids, known as "extensions," are not considered vibrators. Some include penis-shaped objects clearly designed for vaginal penetration, even if not an actual approach to the penis. Anal vibrators are intended for repeated anal penetration and are distinguished by a butt plug with a flange to stay in place. People of all genders and sexual orientations use these devices for masturbation and other sexual activities. Rubber vibrators, which usually incorporate steel springs for rigidity, have been available for a decade. This layout was unsatisfactory because of the potential for damage to the spring cut if the rubber broke and melted. most inexpensive vibrators sold in the decade were made this way. PVC and jelly game games have unsafe phthalates, a softeners are added to many plastics and are problematic. Phthalates have been linked to health problems such as cancer and prenatal abnormalities.PVC products or thermoplastic elastomer "jellies" cannot be sterilized.

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