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By: news desk. Editor: Dr.: Revathi Hariharan. the case of the incident was widely shared on social media, prompting Rampur's response. Photo: Voicelahabad.Imagine a random woman who rings your house bell in the middle of the night and disappears. Now imagine this happening to many residents of your neighborhood - he was a nightmare that haunted Rampur residents in Uttar Pradesh before police solved the mystery. He allegedly rang residents' bells and disappeared in the middle of the night. Incidents of the incident were widely shared on social media, prompting Rampur's response. According to police officers, the incident was made aware to them following a complaint by a police resident. The family has been ordered to closely monitor the woman, he added. Rampur police also asked people not to share misleading information on social media groups and to refrain from causing panic among people. Read all the latest news from India here.

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